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Beautiful (But Dangerous) Beach

This is one of my favorite spots, but the beach is not for swimming, wading, turning your back on. Head the warnings posted on the beaches. Sweeper waves, riptides, and freezing waters render this water for boats, eyes, and spirit. If that isn’t frightening you then watch out for logs washing ashore with the sweeper waves. This is very dangerous stuff I do for my … Continue reading Beautiful (But Dangerous) Beach

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Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Here are a few shots of the Pigeon Point Lighthouse on HWY 1 near Pescadero. It is tied for first place as the tallest lighthouse on the west coast, at 115 feet tall. Built in 1871,it’s still active today aiding the Coastguard in navigation (Source Wikipedia). Learn more about Pigeon Point Lighthouse, including how to visit here. Continue reading Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Just Sharing A Great Deal On A Bosto Drawing Tablet

Here is a new deal I can offer through my affiliate program. Enjoy. Don’t forget, at no cost to you I provide links to great deals and receive a small commission. Thanks for you continued support. BOSTO 16HD 15.6” IPS Graphics Drawing Tablet Display Monitor 1920*1080 Resolution 8192 Pressure Level Rechargeable Stylus Pen Continue reading Just Sharing A Great Deal On A Bosto Drawing Tablet