Birthday Celebrations Part 1

I’m a Libra; my birthday is this month. A while back, my partner James wondered what I wanted to do for my birthday. Well I don’t know. Maybe I’ll let an app decide. Let’s see what this one has to say.

Letting an app decide my birthday fate.

Oof. Maybe not; I don’t do avoidable pain.

Oh Noooo

Should I let James handle the plans?

Yes, definitely.

Since I don’t wear makeup very often I like to take these times to update my profile pictures.

Should I wear my hair up or down?

Or something in between?

Up or Down?

Since my eyes look closed for the most part (yes, I can see), I’m trying some of those apps with the big eyeballs so I can see what I would look like if my eyes actually opened. Let’s try this one…

Oh mercy! Thankfully my eyes do not open like glow in the dark zombie eyes. Gotta love those check bones and taunt, shiny skin though. But that’s not real folks. I’ll swear to my grandkids they are but we know better.

Let’s go with the not zombie eyes, but only because they’re so big they overflow my actual eyes.

Oh no! I’m running late playing with selfie apps. Foiled by technology again! Hurry, let’s head out.

Where are we going?

We don’t have time to document the city scenes since I played with selfie apps soo long.

Keep moving, Lynda

The City is pretty at night, but we’ll have to prove that another time. Hurry We’re late!

So what did James plan for my birthday?

Getting closers…

The Orpheum!

Ohh la la!

Here we are. We made it with plenty of time to grab some snacks. Now let’s talk about snacks…

The Theatre Lobby
The Orpheum Lounge Let’s talk about the bar…

–Here comes the “back in my day…” speech–

When I was a child, my mom being from Long Island continued the tradition of taking me to live theatre, mostly ballet and musicals. There was always a bar with wine, sparkling wines, and maybe beer. This was a bummer because that meant nothing but water for the kids. Now if there was a full bar we could get Shirley Temples or Roy Rogers – dynamite! Either way the bar was open before the show and during intermission. You did not bring your dinks into the theatre. It just was not done.

Not so at the Orpheum. All manner of libations were carried into the theatre including entire bottles of wines. Bold choice, Orpheum, bold choice. I was honestly a bit concerned that the happy party (rEaLly hApPy hic) in the front row of the balcony was going to drop one of those bottles over the ledge, if not fall over themselves. I don’t know how drunk you need to get to enjoy a show, but Karen and Ken who were sitting behind them were very annoyed. They were annoyed enough for all of us so I didn’t have to be. Good looking out Karen and Ken. Then they took their indignance to the empty seats right in front of us and proceeded to tongue click and sigh in exasperation almost as loudly as the hApPy pArTy was enjoying themselves. I’m just the kinda girl who finds this wildly amusing. So I enjoyed a little live theatre within a show about live theatre…Oh my, the dish. So much juice.

Careful with those wine bottles near that ledge eh? Ok Mom. By the way those heads are not the heads of the drinkers. That was a gaggle of ladies.
Inside the theatre from our seats in the balcony.

There really isn’t a bad seat in the house. The show was amazing. There will be no spoilers. All I can say is I laughed and I cried. OK. I bawled. And I didn’t bring tissues so don’t make that mistake. I loved it. You will too.

Afterwards James had planned on taking me to a favorite café in North Beach for deserts and debriefing (that’s a thing I like to do). But I was tired. So we opted for a stop along the way home at Bob’s Donuts, a hugely popular late night snack spot.

What an amazing night! Thank you so much to my sweat heart, James. I really loved the show. Now stayed tuned for part 2 of James’ birthday plans…

Thank you James

2 thoughts on “Birthday Celebrations Part 1

  1. what a great birthday – i like your hair down and behind you ear-   i would love to see that play good choice James


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