The Presidio, 1000 Steps and Rob Hills Campground

We took Sweetheart on a hike in The Presidio, and this is what we explored – 1,000 Steps Trail, and Rob Hill Campground. Hit that link to see the entire album, but here are the highlights. Every photo and video was taken on my iPhone. I still haven’t gotten all my camera gear that was stolen replaced. Scroll down to the end to see what Bard, my trusted AI says about The Presidio…

This trail is called 1,000 steps because it is 1,000 steps to the beach. Or so they say, I have not actually counted. Any volunteers?

There is plenty of good food to snack on along the trail.

This is Rob Hill Campground. Reservations fill up very fast, but look how amazing the campground is.

Here’s what I asked:

“Hi Bard what do you know about the Presidio in San Francisco, California?”

And here’s what Bard said. Note: Bard is now citing sources. Hooray!! Good for Bard!

“The Presidio of San Francisco is a 1,480-acre (597 ha) former U.S. Army post on the northern tip of the San Francisco Peninsula in San Francisco, California, and is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. The Presidio is situated on a narrow strip of land between the Golden Gate and the San Francisco Bay, with the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Marin Headlands to the east. The Presidio is home to a variety of natural and cultural resources, including forests, beaches, hiking trails, historic buildings, and museums.

The Presidio was founded in 1776 by the Spanish as El Presidio Real de San Francisco, making it the oldest continuously used military post in the United States. The Presidio was later occupied by the Mexican Army and then the U.S. Army. The Presidio was used as a military base for over 200 years, and played a significant role in the American Civil War, World War I, World War II, and the Cold War.

In 1994, the Presidio was transferred from the U.S. Army to the National Park Service. The Presidio is now a national park site and is open to the public for recreation and education. The Presidio is a popular destination for hiking, biking, running, and picnicking. The Presidio also offers a variety of cultural attractions, including the Presidio Officers’ Club, the Walt Disney Family Museum, and the Presidio Golf Course.

The Presidio is a unique and special place, and is a popular destination for visitors from all over the world. The Presidio offers a variety of activities and attractions, and is a great place to enjoy the natural beauty and history of San Francisco.”

SOURCE: Bard, my trusted AI

Bard’s Sources





2 thoughts on “The Presidio, 1000 Steps and Rob Hills Campground

  1. the photos are beautiful and Sweetheart is so cute  looks-like you had a good day ,,, Joyce and I chipped in and brought a used Golf cart i am learning how to drive it .   i am settling into my place joiined several groups and i have a garden site in the community garden-  I even joined the choir hope you had a a nice Holiday   love you    .  


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