Lynda Anne Trails

Hiking Trails with Bathrooms (And a Few Scenic Drives With Pitstops Too)

Because You Took Your Own Path.  And Taught Me I Can Too.

One of the most healing and inspirational things humans can do is get back into nature. Yet some of us are reluctant to venture too far out, because, well, there’s no place to go…

Don’t give up on hiking! I know it’s a bummer to hike if, like me, you need to go allot.  This is a site dedicated to abolishing fears of hiking with a full bladder.  You’ll find some great places to visit that have bathrooms along the way.  Plan ahead, scope out the facilities first, and then relax.  You’ve got this.  Go out, and have some fun.

Some Technical Stuff:

Etiquette would suggest that it’s nice to purchase a little something, wherever possible, when using a restroom in a business.  But don’t let this deter you in a dire emergency.

This project is an ongoing work in progress. Let’s help each other.  If you have information about a great place with nice (or any) potty stops, please share it here. Include bathroom details, map(s), photos, trail info, hazards/pitfalls, fyi’s, anything you’d like.  Wherever possible try to provide a link so we can check hours (most bathrooms are open from about 8a-8p, usually about sun-up to sun-down).

Now let’s go visit Lynda Anne Trails and get back to nature!

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