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The Indo-European Origins of Genesis by Jonathan Fielder-White

I have been deep in research of late, you might have noticed. While I am waiting on some references, I have been binge watching the topic on “the youtube” with some of my favorite historians. I want to introduce you to Jonathan Fielder-White and his program, Crecganford, named after his hometown or something like that. I am super excited because my new best friend and long time YouTube teacher, Jonathan Fielder-White, has done my homework. Right here! I’m done with this portion. Phew. Now I can carry on with my interpretation of Genesis. I am analyzing verses related to women in Genesis through the Reformed Christian Bible in the King James version, as that is the version that has most influenced modern society and contemporary American Christian. The ancient Hebrew narrative, its influences, and its place in the ANE are foundational to my research. Here Fielder-White provides a succinct summary of what I am waist deep in and bonus I can now cite him in addition. Thank you Jonathan, thank you.

I am contrasting what was intended for the ANE audience verses how it is sorely misunderstood and misused to subjugate, abuse and oppress women in extremist and fundamental Christian cults today. I’m doing this research to heal from the “purity culture” and the harm I endured because of it during some pretty terrible times in my life. The research coincides with the art project Here Comes the Bride that I teased earlier. It is closure and good bye to a belief system that caused great harm to me and my family. I hope my work sets other women free too. I am happy to say that this is the last generation in my line to be abused by that particular religion as all of my children are free of their misguided extremist beliefs. Today I am exploring many views and appreciating the commonalities, leaving aside the toxic cultish narratives.

Meanwhile, if you enjoyed this presentation as much as I did, please enjoy Crecganforth’s You Tube channel and consider supporting his Patreon. Here’s his website and his Instagram as well. I am truly grateful for the vast amount of work YouTube academics have dedicated and for providing us all with free quality research presented in captivating storytelling format. Much respect and gratitude.

2 thoughts on “The Indo-European Origins of Genesis by Jonathan Fielder-White

  1. Good Morning dear friend Lynda,

    Good article and thanks for sharing your knowledge.
    All your articles and presentations through video clips are very informative and valuable.



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