A Flip Book on Paleolithic Parietal Art

I’m learning to make flip books so I can make e-books. I hope to get them on Amazon and Audibles. Here’s my first go at it. I’m still learning the new software Designerr. It isn’t as intuitive as InDesign. It’s just a test run. But maybe you will find it interesting. Thanks for reading!

Hmmm…I can see the book in the edit end, but when I publish the post it disappears. Let me know in the comments if the book shows up or not on your end. Any WordPress expert out there who can tell me why I can see the custom HTML block with the flip book on my edit side but it doesn’t show up when I publish? And then when I comeback in to edit again the block is gone? Frustrated….

That random link is supposed to be an embedded flip book. Well this seems like a bust friends. Designerr was not exactly user friendly. It took all night to make a pretty rough and ragged book which is fine for the first try. But then it doesn’t work in WordPress. No matter which block I use, even the embed link with the HTML address doesn’t work. It shows up on my end but never publishes. What can I say? Sigh. Very heavy sigh.


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