Point Reyes Historic Ranch and Tule Elk

OK I have another short of an historic ranch at Point Reyes. I would definitely like to put in a request to come back as a dairy cow on this farm next go round on this rock.

Historic Cattle Ranch at Point Reyes

While I do enjoy visiting Point Reyes Seashore, there are issues that I would be remiss if I did not mention. This land is home to Elk who are competing with the ranches for space. You might recall the post I shared about this issue awhile back. There is even a lawsuit pending regarding the wellbeing of the elk so when I say I would comeback a cow what I really mean is I would like to come back as an elk and not an invasive species (again). Because while the ranches are lovely and historic, expansion is not a viable options if we value the indigenous species such as these Tule elk.

I did not bring my new camera as I am not very good with it yet. I was using an iPhone from the passenger seat (excuses). I was not filming while driving; safety first always. I don’t know if the images capture well enough that the males are all grouped together and the females with their young are together. Can you see it?

How do you feel about the life and death battle for space between cattle and elk? Is there room for both at Point Reyes Seashore?

2 thoughts on “Point Reyes Historic Ranch and Tule Elk

  1. Good Morning Dear friend Lynda,
    It is true we need to value this indigenous species Tule elk as you said. They look enjoying and relaxing in a quite peaceful manner. Your photographs and video are fit to the purpose.
    Thanks for taking us on Armchair travel.
    Regards and blessings,

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