UPDATE: URGENT! Our National Parks Are Under Attack. Just A Herd Of Antelope Having A Good Time.

URGENT! Our Parks Are Under Attack. FIFTEEN Local Landowners Want to USURP OUR NATIONAL PARK FOR THEIR OWN USE AND PROFIT! Please share! We must find out who these greedy landowners are. What we know so far: they are big cattle ranchers who need even more land than they already own, but don’t want to buy it, so they have decided to usurp OUR NATIONAL PARKS! And our elected officials gave them the go ahead! Precious endangered species will be killed to make room for even more cattle, because these greedy ranchers do not want to purchase their own grazing land, they are taking the national parks AND KILLING NATIVE WILDLIFE TO MAKE ROOM FOR THEIR PROFIT HERDS!

Please spread the article in this tweet*. Share it, call your representatives, news outlets, social media influencers – as this sets a dangerous precedent for all National Parks and the native life they belong to (including us).

We deserve to know:

  1. Who are these privileged ranchers who don’t have enough land, and don’t want to purchase more, so they think they can take the National Parks? Who are they? What are the DBA’s? The CEO’s, WHO – exactly WHO is responsible for stealing our park lands? Faces, identities, addresses, etc.
  2. Who are the politicians aiding and abetting this thievery?

It is high time we brought these craven thugs to justice.

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Now this is the life. I envy these young bucks growing up in the Marin Headlands.

Growing Up Marin Headlands

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