How to Start a Nonprofit: Tips for Compassionate Entrepreneurs

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How to Start a Nonprofit: Tips for Compassionate Entrepreneurs

By Meredith Jones

Starting a nonprofit is a great path for entrepreneurs who want to enact positive change in the world, from helping animals to assisting people. Many benefits come with running a nonprofit. For example, nonprofits enjoy tax exemption and access to grants. They’re also separate legal entities, meaning founders and members cannot be held liable for debts or legal issues. While this may sound like a straightforward business model, launching a nonprofit requires a lot of time and money. Make sure you’re ready for this commitment!

To help you learn more about launching a nonprofit, Lynda Anne invites you to check out some of these great resources below.

Laying the Groundwork

The legwork you do ahead of time will set you up for a successful future. Determine the specific problem you seek to solve, make sure there’s a need for your organization, and start making connections in your community.

Financial Planning and Management

Creating a financial plan is vital to the success of any nonprofit. From budgeting to exploring various funding sources, here are some ways to get your financial plan off the ground.

Legal Considerations

Nonprofits have to meet certain regulations and at both the state and federal levels. Keep your nonprofit in compliance with good legal practices.

Attracting Supporters

Supporters are the lifeblood of your nonprofit. Learn how to attract volunteers, board members, and social media followers to help carry out your mission.

Few things are more rewarding than founding a nonprofit. While getting off the ground is a lot of work, it’s worthwhile for the positive impact you will have on people and the planet. Keep these resources close at hand while you navigate the startup phase. Good planning will get you far!

Article by Meredith Jones,

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