Is The World 🌎 Waking Up?

After so many snoozes 🛏 and false alarms …

And new reasons to get back inside…

Middle Of The Day In San Francisco.

It feels like things might be turning the corner for California. I actually saw blue skies 🌌

Remember when we did this? We will again soon.

I’m thankful we’ve made it through this year. But I’ve watched too many friends mourn. My heart 💜 goes out to so many hurting people who will forever be scared by 2020.

This orange was a beautiful 🌅 sunset before the day of darkness hit The Bay Area.
The Day Of Darkness. When I 💭 “I’m waking before dawn” only to discover it was about 10am! 😳

Please keep an eye and ear out for ways to help those devastated by fires, floods, and fury. Share in the comments any ways to help you come across. Thank you. Be safe. Stay strong. #Gratitude

Thing Will Get Brighter.