Fort Mason, San Francisco, California

Fort Mason is no longer home to CCSF Art Department (utter sadness). There is still an art store and a coffee shop from the days of students roaming the facility. It now houses headquarters for both the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy. Hit that link to open a new page with all manner of information about Fort Mason including directions, history, and things to do. But first enjoy a few pictures.

Picture I took of Fort Mason When I Was A Student There

An interesting tidbit about the land – OK gossip – the land was privately owned but taken by the US government during the Civil War over what I consider to be a personal grievance. The abuse of power has left the land ownership disputed through to the 1960’s. Wikipedia has some good sources and a summary of the legal issues as well

These gentle waters are a favorite playground for seals
That’s Alcatraz in the background
And that is Angle Island is the background

And as always I found pretty flowers. I hope you enjoyed Fort Mason with me. Thank you for looking.

One thought on “Fort Mason, San Francisco, California

  1. Good Evening dear friend Lynda,
    It is always sad to find an art institution for housing different departments.
    Lovely images.


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