Golden Gate Bridge Afternoon Fog Rolls In

A beautiful sunny afternoon turns mysterious and magical as Karl the Fog rolls in.

Now let’s see them bigger shall we?

A bright sunny afternoon…for now
These flowers are blooming at the Golden Gate Bridge Visitor Center
Hello Karl, welcome home.
I see you sun!
Hello pelicans! Now Karl has made this tree magical.

Pictures are taken with my iPhone. I’m still replacing my camera gear from The Great Thieving of 2021 where my vacation trailer was ransacked and robbed. Then when I cleared all that was of value after the robbery, and brought it back in my SUV to San Francisco, the entire SUV and all that was in it was stolen. Ouch. Tough time indeed. I find it quite challenging being a photographer without a camera. I jest. I have replaced the camera body with a used student model. Oof. All I need now is a lens or two; I find the camera works better with a lens (more snark to hide my pain). This is not for sympathy. I’m just explaining why the photos are just old iPhone images of late. And also because I would love positive vibes sent my way. Thank you!!!

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