Beautiful (But Dangerous) Beach

This is one of my favorite spots, but the beach is not for swimming, wading, turning your back on.

Why is such a beautiful beach empty?

Head the warnings posted on the beaches. Sweeper waves, riptides, and freezing waters render this water for boats, eyes, and spirit. If that isn’t frightening you then watch out for logs washing ashore with the sweeper waves. This is very dangerous stuff I do for my art and your viewing pleasure. Still, I found us some lunch.

I’m kidding. Don’t eat that! Seriously, put it down.

Who can identify our friend here?

One thought on “Beautiful (But Dangerous) Beach

  1. Good Morning dear friend Lynda,

    Rivers, seas, swimming pools are really dangerous. Persons visiting these places get tempted to step in. But unless one is a professional swimmer.

    The waves or evn small tides can make the one in the water, can imbalance them to fall.

    Should not cross the limits, be responsible, disciplines and follow safety.

    Is that a type of sea seashell, jellyfish or Mollusca?ssional swimmer.



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