Thirty Four Years Ago Today

Thirty four years ago today, on September 24, 1988, James and I met for the first time here at Descartes House, UCSC. I was 19, he had just turned 20. How time has flown.

Descartes House, UCSC

My room was on the top floor middle, and James was right next door on the right.

34 Years Ago Today Me & This Guy Met And Started A Thing

3 thoughts on “Thirty Four Years Ago Today

  1. Good Evening dear frienda Lynda,

    Very interesting and touching topic about friendship.
    You look really cherubic.
    Yes time flows very fast changing the Life and culture too.
    But you haven’t mentioned anything about that lovely Dog.
    Please give my regards to James. Good luck.
    Regards and Blessings

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