When The Cows Come Home

A Trip Through America’s Farmland

I know most of us do not think of The Bay Area when we think of American Farmland. Yet minutes from Tech Central are several historic ranches dating back to circa 1860’s. If you’re a history buff, into archeology, or just like cattle and sheep ranches you will enjoy this article from The National Parks Services about the history of ranching in Marin County. If you want to see some of the happiest cows in California here’s a map of Point Reyes National Seashore to find your way around to the historic ranches that are still in operation.

Oh No! We have a run away! James is filming the escape while we’re parked. Great filming James, well done.

Rounding up cattle with ATV’s is an easier way compared to when my step dad was a cattle rancher on his Uncle Bumpsy’s ranch in Montana. I visited the ranch when I was about 6 years old during Winter break. The snow was hard, icy, and riddles with hoof holes. I banged up my shins something awful. Still it was quite something watching Uncle Bumpsy and his team hook the cows up to the milking machines. Cattle ranching is some of the hardest work around. Yet American farmland is so beautiful, -and in Marine County? No wonder the cows are happy. I bet the ranchers appreciate the fine weather as well. Here’s one more quick video of one of the historic ranches to show you.

Beautiful Ranch at Point Reyes Seashore

2 thoughts on “When The Cows Come Home

  1. Good Morning dear Lynda Anne,

    You really made my Morning A Very Good Morning with your beautiful article, photos and videos. I love them sooo much.


    And you are all fortunate in having them as a family.
    Please look after them well.

    My blessings to you all.

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