Dream Interpretation Part 6 Serkan’s Dreams

Hello friends!  Welcome back to Artful Living with Lynda Anne. Thanks for joining us today as we continue with part 6 of our series on dreams, what are they, why do we dream, what do our dreams mean? How do we interpret them? In previous episodes we’ve talked about how I began dream interpretation, we’ve discussed what dreams are, we’ve taken a historical walk down dream lane, and we’ve examined some different types of dreams. And we’ve talked about how to remember your dreams, so that you can interpret them. 

Today we’re going to interpret two dreams submitted by dreamer Serkan. Serkan submitted the dreams via my website. To submit your dream to be interpreted on the podcast free, visit LyndaAnne.art go to ‘Consulting’ on the top menu bar. When that page opens, hit ‘Free Dream Interpretation’ on the new top menu bar. I want to interpret every dream I receive so be patient with me. If you don’t want to wait to hear it interpreted on the podcast you can schedule an appointment with me through the consultation page. I will never solicit dream interpretations in the comments so be mindful if anyone tries to sell you anything in any comments it isn’t me.

Now let’s jump into Serkans Dreams. Please accept my apologies for mispronunciations. So that I don’t misrepresent anything I am leaving the text as received so that we can let Serkan speak. There is a language barrier and I am so impressed that Serkan can write in more than one language. I cannot. So let us see if my dream interpretation is accurate to cultures across the globe.

Serkan rights:

Hi Lynda,

I am sending two dreams to interpreting. Thank you so much.

1- What does i fall into the water then there’s this crocodile swimming towards me and i can barely move but still manage to Get out of the water

2- Seeing Someone’s Urine In The Front Door Of Your House, what does it mean?

Best Regards,

OK Serkan, let’s examine the symbolism starting with dream 1.

– What does i fall into the water then there’s this crocodile swimming towards me and i can barely move but still manage to Get out of the water

Water – your spirituality, your higher self. 

You fall in.  Did something happen in your life to cause you to reassess everything? Did something cause you to yearn for more? 

crocodile – also you, can represent hidden danger, facing yourself, or facing obstacles.  Crocodiles remind us to be stealth, patient and quiet, but once in motion they go full force. they don’t hold back.  

can barely move – is usually literally feeling stuck in life.  can’t leave a situation that is not fulfilling for example a job or a living arrangement. or as if your life isn’t moving forward as you would like it to.

You get out = that is the biggest part.  Whatever is making you feel stuck that you wish to confront and change – you will, and you overcome it.  You get out of it. Because the crocodile is coming towards you it is confronting – you are confronting you – as opposed to if it swam away. It means despite fears, you are ready.

Fear is normal and you will find your inner crocodile.  Lay low, be patient wait and watch.  Your opportunity is coming. When the moment presents itself LUNGE! Don’t hesitate.  You’re ready. 

2- Seeing Someone’s Urine In The Front Door Of Your House, what does it mean?

The front door of your house is you.  Is someone pissing on you?  LOL The front door is your public persona – how the world sees you or at least how you believe you are presenting yourself.   

If you did not have the dream because you had to go to the bathroom, urine can represent the release of toxins, cleansing.*  That it isn’t your urine says it is external or societal, peer, authority’s ideas that are not your own that you are rejecting. Are you leaving toxic ideas, relationships, habits, memories behind? Putting them outside you, perhaps just beginning to let them go since they are not yet at the curb? 

Both dreams repeat the theme of confronting something and deciding for yourself whether to accept or reject it.  Are you questioning the world view you were raised in?   Are there parts of your societal religious spiritual cultural family norms that you would like to reject or get out of because they are keeping you stuck and prohibiting your growth?  

Because we have a cultural and language difference here and I am very curious to see what if any impact that has on the symbolism. 

Let me know if this resonates with you Serkan.  I look forward to hearing back from you.

*Source: http://www.dreammoods.com/dreamdictionary/u.htm#:~:text=To%20see%20urine%20in%20your%20dream%20represents%20the%20feelings%20you%20have%20rejected.&text=To%20dream%20that%20you%20are%20urinating%20symbolizes%20a%20cleansing%20and,basic%20control%20of%20your%20life.

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