Perfectionism And Procrastination Strange Bedfellows Indeed

Could perfectionism be any better an excuse? Use it to avoid completing….anything.  I do.  A quick browse through my “portfolio” would reveal mostly* unfinished works.  Heck, I even use perfectionism to avoid starting anything.  I was gonna be a rock star.

Awareness is the first step in change.  Consider me aware.  I want to share with you my experiment in accepting imperfection.  It’s a small step.  That’s a good way to start.

My April 18, 2015 blog, How Do You Get The Shot? was that first step.  I uploaded a very rough version of my field trip to Mountain Lake Park, made only by using the slideshow feature in iPhotos.  It was as painful as you would imagine.  Thankfully, only the four of us viewed it.  None the less, the experiment is a resounding success!  I lived through imperfection.  And there’s more!

Wait for it.

It catapulted me into action! Imperfection is actually a catalyst.  Who knew?  You see, the imperfections in the slideshow rolled around and around in my mind until I could stand it no more.  I had to finish start the real video.  And so I buckled down.

Heh-he.  It only took about a day.  Who knew?  Who knew?  So here it is.  My lesson in combating perfectionism and procrastination:  A completed video.  A perfect video!  OK, no.  But a better one.  I hope you like it.

Special thanks to James Gleason, musician extraordinaire!


* I use this word loosely; ‘entirely’ might be more honest.

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