Christmas Coyotes

We ran into some very curious coyotes in the Marin Headlands on Christmas Day 2016.  What a beautiful solstice gift from Mother Earth.

These pictures were taken with an iPhone 6 Plus.  Click to see larger.  Thanks for looking!

8 thoughts on “Christmas Coyotes

    1. I miss you and Twitter too! I took a challenge to quit social media for a month. Wow! Life got really positive. After 3 days I didn’t want to go back! How are you?


    1. Right? Dark days for all huh? Have you gone to the new White house web site? That got me really depressed. But then I was so happy to hear from you. That helped! Thank you!!!


          1. If you decide to come back it is LIT UP! Resistance accounts from government employees like the EPA, Forest Service, etc, all tweeting despite Trump’s gag order. I never thought I’d see something like that on social media.


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