A Resource Is A Supply – You Are Not A Resource!


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Some time ago, American companies used to call the department that handled employment related issues the Personnel Department.

I believe it was in the early 1980’s that a change in department titles swept across the nation.


Now, that department is almost universally referred to as Human Resources, HR for short.

It seems innocent enough as people really like abbreviations, and the “P Dept.” just couldn’t compete with the “HR Dept.”


The problem is that human beings are not resources.

They cannot be,

if we expect humans …

… to keep their humanity.

Consider Merriam-Webster’s definition of resource:


: something that a country has and can use to increase its wealth

: a supply of something (such as money) that someone has and can use when it is needed

: a place or thing that provides something useful



You are not something that another human being (or company) has on supply.


You were not born so that you could be used when needed to increase [someone else’s] wealth!


You are so much more!!

So, short of charging out of your work place shouting, “FREEEEEDOOOMM!!!” ……????


Although, sometimes that is an option.  If it comes to that, for what it’s worth, I support you.

Meanwhile, short of leading the next worker’s revolution, what can be done about it?  How else can you save your humanity in a capitalist world that sees you as a supply?

Maybe one answer is the healing arts: music, dance, story, art –


. . . any recreation, any means of self-expression – that separates you from your job.


Those things are the gifts that remind us that we are human, and not supplies.


If you never thought it was important to embrace your artistic interests, consider that it may just be what keeps humans, well, human.

For the more serious advocates and freedom fighters, consider your most powerful weapon.  More powerful than a rocket launcher, more devastating than the A-bomb, more stealth than a high flying drone…your dollar.  Consider that December usually boasts the greatest profit numbers for retailers and their constituents.  How loud would the people’s voice be heard, if consumers used the month of December to exercise their power, by boycotting holiday spending?  Spend with purposeful power.

Then let’s pledge to share our talents and skills.  Let’s live artful, craftful, purposeful lives.  Maybe, we can learn from our neighbors in other nations.

Are you from another country?  How do you stay human?

Share ideas for others, and pick up a few for yourself!

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