How Do You Get The Shot?

My morning started to plunge right about the phone call to that bank. It seems it takes five attempts to update an address sometimes. Clearly, communication with bankers can lead to acute stress. Time to decompress. Quick! Take a walk in the park. That might soothe my weary, bank-bled soul.

So off to my neighborhood park I go. Oh, the relief. Right? Wrong. It was a no go. Instead of relaxing, I was pacing around the park briskly searching for that inspirational peace-to-my-soul-aha-moment.  I searched every where. Frustration mounted. I’m finding I cannot chase down my subjects as if they were prey – leave that to bankers. I sat for a while by the lake and allowed nature to do what it does best. Only after I relaxed, did I finally notice the life all around me waiting to be explored. Here’s what soothed my soul. And here’s how I did it: I got still, relaxed, and enjoyed my surroundings. I hope you enjoy it too!

How do you get the shot?

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