New Life

Honored To Have This Rose Joining Us

My partner is not just a sought after musician, he’s also an award winning standup comic and comedic writer.  At one of his comedy shows, a fan gave him a lovely little bouquet of flowers, that included one long stem red rose and a few blush roses.  I made rose water out of the roses, but I noticed that the solitary long stem red rose had decided that life on my kitchen window in the morning sun with friends around, was worth hanging out a while.  I make a habit of keeping my flowers long past what other might think is alive, just in case.  I got lucky again.  Please welcome Little Red to the family.

New Life
Flowers from my partner’s awesome fan are blessing us with a new baby long stem red rose bush.
Life Starts Anew
Long after the cut flowers look faded, I keep the water clean(ish) and give them plenty of morning sun. You just never know what seeds, or sprouts you may get in return for seeing past the initial bloom.
I'm Not Dead Yet
I took the petals for rose water, and now this stem looks ready for the compost bin, but wait… What’s that I hear? “I’m not dead yet.”
Signs Of Life
Watch for signs of life and keep the water fresh. I add sprigs of willow to keep the water free of harmful organisms.
Morning Sun and Healthy Water
The plants want sunlight, but the water doesn’t, otherwise algae will grow. Place in morning sun that does not hit the water. Block the sun with anything handy – tie a ribbon, use another plant…it doesn’t matter.
Rose Garden In Progress
Once the new little plant grows a nice root system, it can be transplanted. One day it will bloom, grow rose hips, seeds and next thing you know, be the start of a blooming long stem red rose garden.

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