Look Who Decided To Bloom Again!

I’m so proud of my little orchid.  She’s been with me for about a year now, and this is her second bloom.


And, two of her buddies are not far behind!! This darling just bloomed today (her second time).


And this little one is growing a new spike too! I can’t wait to see what her flowers look like.  I don’t know because she was a rescue. I found her abandoned on the corner a few blocks from my house. =(  But she’s doing great now! =)  Won’t be long until we get to see what she looks like in all her glory.


Don’t throw out your orchids when their blooms die.  They are still alive.  And if you love them just right, they’ll bloom for you again, and again.  If you don’t know how to take care of them, BeautifulOrchids.com can help.  So can the American Orchid Society.  Good luck!  Don’t forget pictures – share your blooms!