The Undoing of Candlestick Park

One thought on “The Undoing of Candlestick Park

  1. And then it was gone, like the bridge in dense fog, but it won’t be coming back. Thank you once again, Lynda, for documenting the end; it is difficult to grasp (and impossible to measure) what this park meant to so many people of Northern California and elsewhere. For me, I think of my first niners game, before the Super Bowl Champs, a redskins game (niners lost) with my dad, going up that long escalator around age nine. And countless giants games on cold nights before THEY were world champs too. Then I realize all the fans have their specific memories, sometimes 50k or 60k people creating memories at a time. And then it occurs to me the last Beatles concert was there, and the stones in 1981 had an epic stand. And once I process all those possible SPECTATOR memories for all those events, I think: and what about the players?! If you made a catch to win the NFC championship here, what does this vacant spot evoke as you pass by now on 101? THE “ROOM” where you made it happen, DWIGHT, the place is now empty space. It’s perhaps the most emotionally loaded spot in San Francisco, so much winning and losing and hoping and loving and cheering,…drunk, sober, and
    Stupid behavior happened here. And now it’s gone like a big old ship, disappeared in the fog for good. Niners !

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