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Here’s the official bio:

Lynda Anne Williams is the artisan who began Magic Gypsy Cosmetics and is also the eponym of Lynda Anne Artful Living Department Store. Lynda Anne writes an Artful Living blog about artful living, fashion, life style, and home décor recommendations. She restores antiques and collectibles. She leases her collection for staging, promotions, and events. She provides artful living in nature camping experiences on her recreational land. She leads photography tours of the Golden Gate Bridge. She creates marketing and advertising materials for clients including video, print, and in-person promotional. She does voice overs, modeling and guest spots on social media and podcast shows. Lynda Anne has an Associate of Art in Art History and Arts and Humanities (graduating High Honors), an Associate of Science in Science and Math and Social and Behavioral Science (graduating High Honors) , a Bachelor of Science in Recreation, a Master of Art in Leadership, and a Master of Divinity in Administration, graduating cum laude. She is currently looking for a place to continue her academic interests in ethnoarchaeology concerning Indigenous Europeans of the Artic, maritime archeology, Northern European folklore, cultural transmission between monotheistic and polytheistic cultures as depicted in Medieval art, women in the ANE, and the Lenape – New Amsterdam convergence. Her GPA is 3.8.

Thanks for reading that.  Now grab a cup of coffee and have some fun exploring the pictures and musings of my artful living journey.  Back when I first started I could not afford all the internet hosting fees, so when the memory was used up I started another. I had hoped to combine them all into one but the likelihood of me figuring out how to do that is diminishing. Meanwhile, here’s a breakdown of the layout here at Lynda Anne.

Lynda Anne’s Artful Living Journey Blog, where you can also visit her Trails and Travel Blog and Personalities Blog

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 A Little About Lynda Anne of Lynda Anne Art

Originally from Los Angeles, I now live in San Francisco. I have been known to wander, enjoying Nor Cal in the summers and the Mojave desert in the winter, with a few pit stop in between. I found my artistic voice meandering between my early career in recreation and a later career in hospice as a Chaplain/Bereavement Counselor as I relied on recreation for renewal while working in grief and loss.  Through my own personal journey of re-creating self, and through the companioning of courageous grieving souls (of whom I am ever indebted), I have come to realize how important artistic self expression is to our spiritual development, growth and healing.   Expressing ourselves is healing.  Witnessing another human being’s journey through self expression is also healing.  Art heals.  It just does.


My passions, some of which include photography, drawing, gardening, painting, and wood work, are naturally my favorite sources of inspiration and renewal.  I fully embrace the philosophy of re-creating the mind, body, and soul through self-expression – and play!  Nothing is more descriptive of play to me than creating art.  Each of us enjoys the opportunity to – and faces the responsibility of  – exploring and implementing our own means of self expression.  My hope is that we can share, and grow, and companion with one another along the way.  

IMG_6812 (oil pencil on wood)

Thanks for reading all this!

REMEMBER: Be Your Own Canvas!

~Lynda Anne


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